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Grow Together: Viola Paoletti and Vittore Borromini

Learn about the two Italian athletics prospects, their dreams, and what running means to them.

Viola paoletti and vittore borromini
Viola and Vittore after our interview.
Slow down Vittó, we're going slow today. No need to push. If you want to talk to someone who can become a star, Viola and Vittore are the ones.

After world records and medals with Ugandans and Burundians, coach Giuseppe Giambrone decided to embark on a new challenge: to prove that Italians can run as fast as Africans. Viola Paoletti and Vittore Borromini are part of this new Tuscany Camp project and are among the rising stars of Italian athletics. This year they both competed and won national competitions in their age groups. Vittore is originally from Caltavoturo, a small town in Sicily, and moved here with his mother and sister who all live at the Camp, while Viola travels regularly from nearby Florence to train with the other Camp athletes.

Where are you from?

Viola: Florence

Vittore: Caltavoturo, the town from where Giuseppe is from.

What’s your discipline?

Viola: 3000 and 5000

Vittore: 3000 and 5000

Vittore borromini running
Vittore during our easy run.

What does it mean to run together for you?

Viola: You go. (laugh)

Vittore: No, you go. (laugh)

Viola: By running with others, you feel less fatigue and share your workouts. It is much more fun and you are more stimulated

Vittore: Running with others, besides having fun, is a way for me to compare myself with others without racing.

What would you like to achieve in the next 10 years?

Viola: I think the goal of all athletes is to go to the Olympics.

Vittore: For me, too, to go to the Olympics. But even the world championships would be a dream.

Viola Paoletti
Viola during our interview.

What do you like about being at Tuscany Camp?

Viola: I come here on weekends and occasionally during the week, on average 4 days. The fact of being in company and having other runners to compare yourself with. If you are tired or have muscle problems you can talk with the coach or get a massage from the physical therapist immediately.

Vittore: You are followed very well from the point of view of training and injuries. Being here with people of different nationalities helps you grow.

What’s your favorite running moment outside of competition?

Viola: This winter we went to a 4-day gathering with the national team, and that is the only opportunity to see friends who live far away.

Vittore: When we do the exercises all together, like drills, and then run as a group.

This interview has been edited.


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