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Pietro Arese Running for the People

This article is part of our coverage of HOKA partnership with Stramilano 2024.

Everything has clicked for the Italian athletics team recently, from the Olympic golden medals to new national records. Pietro Arese is one of the team's rising stars with multiple World Championships finals on the 1,500m and one national record in his pocket already. Despite being only 24 years old, 2024 is going to be a big season for him dreaming of the Paris Olympics.

We had the chance to meet the Italian HOKA athlete ahead of Stramilano 2024 and the new Mach 6 launch to learn more about his journey into running and plans for this year between the European Championships in Rome and the Paris Olympics.

You are part of the Middle Distance College in Varese, what has this experience brought to your career? How do you see your future once you are outside this reality?

The project of the MD College, created and supported by Silvano Danzi, my current coach, is something I strongly recommend to every young boy and girl who's finishing school and wants to train and study in a very relaxed environment. Not only did I grow as an athlete and as a student, but living with other people was very important for me to understand how to live with other people. Whatever the future will bring me, it is going to be easier thanks to the years spent here.

Right now you are focused on 1,500m and 3,000m. Do you have any plans of testing yourself on longer distances?

I can see some longer distances in my future. Silvano, my coach, has a background in steeplechase. For now, the 1,500m is my main event and hopefully, it will remain that for some years still.

You have just competed at the Italian National Indoor Championships. How was your experience?

This Indoor Championships helped me to know myself and my true potential better. I finished 2nd twice but I pushed myself to the limit and this is always good news for an athlete. You learn a lot about yourself and about your shape in that period.

With what ambitions do you approach the World Championships in Glasgow, the European Championships in Rome, and then the Olympics in Paris?

Let’s say that Glasgow was for me a test event. The 3,000m is not my event and I went there to gain experience and improve my endurance and tactical skills. This will help me with my two main goals: win a medal in Rome in front of my home crowd and get into the final in Paris.

You have repeatedly mentioned how important the relationship with the audience is to give your best. What do you expect from the European and Olympic Games? Can it lead you to your best performance?

Rome will be magic. Running on home soil already gifted me with a gold medal in the Mixed Relay in Piemonte-La Mandria Park at the European Cross Country Championships 2022. About Paris, I can't imagine what it means to have an "Olympic audience". I have goosebumps if I think about it!

Having three events of this magnitude and with increasing importance, how will you manage your preparation?

My preparation will be more and more specific while approaching the Paris Olympics. This is why I ran the 3,000m in Glasgow as well.


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