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Run Into The DMs: Cesare Maestri

Cesare Maestri is a pro trail running for Nike and an energy engineer living in Lake Garda. We had a chat about his training and the state of trail running competitions.

The Italian trail runner from Riva del Garda Cesare Maestri is the guest of Run Into The DMs this time. While working as an engineer, he has been able to compete at the highest level both in Italy and internationally, as part of the Nike trail running team. In 2022, he obtained the best results running for the National team:1st place and 2nd place in the Uphill and Up&Down European Championships respectively, and two top 10 individual finishes at the World Championships in the same categories and a team podium at the same event.

Let's start from the basics, how is your training going?

I was out of action between January and February because of a muscle problem but, fortunately, it is resolved now and I am training well, trying to regain continuity and some volume even with some alternative sports.

When you uploaded your first activity, what did you learn during the process and what would you say to your old self?

I have learned to listen to myself better and pay attention to the messages that my somewhat delicate physique sends me, although I still need to improve. Emotionally, too, I have changed; I have become more aware of my worth, and this makes me more serene in facing races and training.

To the old me I would say to have a lot of patience on the path of growth and live things seriously but at the same time not too much.
cesare maestri italian running

What is your favorite Strava activity or segment?

I have many trails and segments that I love to run. In particular, I like the magical atmosphere I get from running in the Val Genova, a valley of waterfalls and trees nestled in the Adamello Nature Park. When I am there, time seems to stop and the miles fly by.

Who are the people that inspire you when you open the feed or go out for a run?

I have many athletes who inspire me and from whom I can take examples. I like the elegance of African athletes, their agile running looks like a dance. I was inspired by the exploits of Kilian Jornet, who with his character managed to introduce our sport to so many people. Finally, the Dematteis twins are an example because when I started running they passed on to me the passion for mountain running and the desire to achieve and honor the blue jersey.

cesare maestri world trail running championship 2022
Cesare on the podium at Chiang Mai World Championship 2022

What is next for you? Next challenge, race, adventure?

First, I would like to be able to maintain the level I have reached in the last few years, trying to further improve my results. In mountain/trail running the goal is to add a few medals at European and World Championships, going through some major international classics in which I have not yet participated or in which I have not achieved what I wanted.

A new challenge instead will be in the road marathon which I would like to debut in the fall to explore this iconic discipline for every runner.

cesare maestri transpelmo skyrace
Cesare Maestri at Transpelmo Skyrace 2022

Bonus: Last year you represented the Italian colors in a big way, with gold at the European Championships in El Paso and team bronze at the World Championships in Chiang Mai. It seems that team competitions are ready to make the leap to try to gain more prominence on the competition calendar and in athletes' careers. Do you think that in the future national team, competitions may come to have the status they have in the world of athletics or even soccer? Having experienced these events firsthand, do you feel like the perception is moving in this direction?

From the upcoming World Championships in Innsbruck, I expect an outstanding event because there will be all the conditions to have top-level races, lots of spectators, and media coverage.

In the mountain/trail running world, the team standings have always been very important, as much as the individual medals. This is a strong aspect that characterizes our group and allows us to experience an individual sport with the spirit of a team sport.

I hope new race formats like a relay or mixed relay can catch on and continue to grow in the future!

This interview has been edited.


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