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Run Into The DMs: Every Single Street Milan

We had a chat with Michele, or Every Single Street Milan, about his project of running every street in Milan, his relationship with the city and what's next for him in the running world.

In this feature of Run Into the DMs, we sat down with Michele to talk about his project of running Every Single Street in Milan: 4,150 streets and 1,992.84km. In just over 1 year completed his project with a last community run at Fiera Milano under the Tree of Life.

Let's start from the basics, how is your training going?

I would say well, I started in January, just after completing 100% Milan, preparing for the Lavaredo Ultra Trail (120km and 6,000m D+). I started from the first block, followed by a personal trainer: 5 sessions per week: 2 recoveries, 2 works (repeats, uphill, and Fartlek), and 1 long run. Soon the race season begins, starting with the Campo dei Fiori Trail in March. To follow some surprises we are planning with a couple of friends.

every single street milan
Michele during the last run under the Tree of Life

Looking back on when you uploaded your first activity, what did you learn during the process and what would you say to your old self?

Although it's a word I hate, what I've learned on this journey is resilience. Since I started the project I've gone through two moves, buying a house, a renovation, starting a master's degree program, and job growth. In two years. Looking back I am amazed that I did not get stuck well before that. To my old self, I would say, "It's going to be a journey, enjoy it from start to finish even when you find yourself alone at night on a 6-lane road wondering why". In between, I met a lot of friends. And that was probably the best part: finding people who were willing to accompany me to the most unlikely places in Milan.

What is your favorite Strava activity or segment?

This is one of the KOMs I chased the most and cherished the most until it was stolen from me. It is a stretch of road near my home on which I do repeats. The day it was stolen from me, I promised myself that sooner or later I will train specifically to get it back, even though today the training plan goes poorly with a one-kilometer shot at 3:20.

Who are the people that inspire you when you open the feed or go out for a run?

I won't mention everyone but I must mention Rickey Gates, the one who first ran all over the streets of San Francisco and who inspired me for the project. Then more generally I look for stories of "independent" or crazy running, a bit punk if you will. So I go from Kilian Jornet to Unghie Rotte Mani Aperte and podcasts, like Buckled Podcast.

I met a lot of friends. And that was probably the best part: finding people who were willing to accompany me to the most unlikely places in Milan.

What is next for you? Next challenge, race, adventure?

As a race the one I mentioned above, Lavaredo Ultra Trail. I got into it because of a friend. Let's see! For Milan, there is a project still in incubation but I can say it involves the Vedovelle!

Bonus: How has the city of Milan and your relationship with it changed through the Every Single Street Milan project?

Milan, I would say has not changed that much, but the way I see it has changed. There is a night, with the shutters closed and graffiti on the stores, and there is a day Milan. The city changes, its inhabitants and colors change. I happened to run back to the area to discover them with a different eye and to take photos with better light or detail. I got to know Milan in its innermost and hidden sides - for better or worse and in situations that are not always comfortable - and learned to love my city even more.

This interview has been edited.


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