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Last year, we faced a big dilemma: who is the Italian trail runner? We realized we know very little about them other than sporadic empirical facts without scientific value. Francesco Puppi shared this same question with us. We decided to investigate the Italian trail runner as a scientific topic.


The response we got from the Italian community left us amazed. 900 runners participated in the research led by the desire to know more about themselves. In the past 3 months, we analyzed the answers applying the rigor of the scientific method, and condensed all the answers to our initial questions - and more! - in a 30-page report. You can download your copy for free by clicking one of the two buttons below - either in Italian or English - and subscribe to our newsletter. Share it with your friends, and running buddies, or keep it for yourself.


We will cut it short now. When we started Outdoor Wall one year ago we couldn’t imagine completing a project of this magnitude.

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