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Tuesday (City Center 10k)


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Saturday (Parco Nord 12-15km )


Our running crew was born the same instant we opened the store. It was all very natural because it's not just a store ours, it's a reference point for people who love to run in nature, a place where you don't necessarily need to buy a pair of shoes or a trail backpack but a meeting point to talk about running, trail running and to make running culture, both from a sporting and aesthetic point of view. In 2021, we founded the sports society, which currently has 204 members and is continuously growing. We organize many events of both running and trail running, trying to involve other crews in the city but not only. Recently we organized a night race where a crew from Zurich, one from Rome and one from Senigallia also participated.


RUNAWAY, Via Ugo Bassi, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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