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"RunTrento is not a running club or group: it is a project born out of the need to give a physical space to the Trentino running scene, one of the most vital in Italy. A non-commercial space, untied by product, untied by companies, untied by communication and marketing. The only thing we are interested in, in other words, is to create a welcoming and inclusive space for people who run in Trento, to give them the opportunity not only to train, but also to pursue independent creative or editorial projects that would not find space elsewhere. We are taking our time, because we are convinced that things come by themselves without spending too much time looking for them, otherwise they risk being artificial or fake. One thing we feel is important to say is that RunTrento was not born to create a community, as we hear people say. Communities are not created at a desk because someone wakes up one day and decides to make one, communities are like galaxies: there is a center that draws everything to itself, but at the same time they rotate, and by dint of rotating they expand, they take different paths. Community is something big, abstract, complex, but in this community I think Trent represents an important scene. Here, what I mean is that in Trento those people were already there, we just gave them a form, one of many possible forms.
The Trento Running Club is another example: it is a more private, closed dimension, disinterested in the dynamics that govern our sport at this moment in its history. RunTrento and Trento Running Club are some of the many things that are springing up in Trento and Trentino in this environment. Other examples are Translagorai Classic, Jurassic Miles, Gente Fuori Strada. I think it is a very happy time for the history of the sport in this area, as it is in Varese."


Trento, Piazza Dante, 38122 Trento, TN, Italy

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