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Velvet Runners


Tuesday (5/10k, 5:30/6:00 pace)


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Friday (5/10k, 5:30/6:00 pace)


In late 2021, we came up with the idea of Velvet Runners aiming to connect our local community with running. The name is a tribute to our hometown, Senigallia, also known as the "Velvet Beach city"
We are thriving to create a space for everyone who likes running, no matter how fast you are. Running crews are common in big cities, but we think we can bring the crew energy also in our hometown, a small city on the Adriatic coast.
Velvet Runners aims to be a reference either for those who are already into running, but especially for people who just need some company to get that little boost of motivation to get out.
There are community runs every week, if you feel like running just join us.


Rotonda a Mare, Ingresso Rotonda, Senigallia, Province of Ancona, Italy

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